НЕМА gloves Firestone

Артикул: PR-020-1

Gloves for HEMA fencing Firestone.

For almost a year, our team worked on the development of a new high-quality model – gloves for historical fencing, intended for use with one-handed weapons without a complex hilt (sabers, bolognese swords, clubs, sport. sword, etc.) or various models of medieval weapons made of plastic.

Our goal was to create a comfortable, reliable and inexpensive glove that offers a sufficient level of protection for both beginners and experienced fencers.

We gathered the experience and recommendations of hema athletes and coaches worldwide to make a better glove!


НЕМА gloves Firestone is distinguished by high quality materials and thoughtful shapes, which provide excellent usability and excellent protection!

– The model is made of genuine wear-resistant leather, which will last a long time if used correctly.

– Plastic finger reinforcements are finger-shaped and overlapped for maximum mobility and protection.

– Wrist guard is firmly sewn in several places, and made to the optimal size to protect the joint and not interfere with the mobility of the hand

– The phalanges of the fingers are securely closed on all sides with plastic pads.

– The palm is covered with rubber inserts to prevent the weapon from slipping out of the hand.

– The fingers are bent in a free state, which allows you to hold the weapon with minimal effort.

– Areas that cannot be covered with plastic without loss of usability (edge of the palm, side of the fingers, inside of the wrist) are securely covered with a layer of foam.

Summary: Firestone – gloves for HEMA combines ease of use, reliability, protection, and all this at a affordable price!