Christmas smallswords on stock!

Economy smallsword based on musketeer (double wide) epee blade for 90$ only! Avaliable with blade 900 and 820mm, with safe rubber tipe, so you can choose kind historically accurate exactly for you! Musketeer’s blades are stiffer and heavier than usual epee blade, and can give you more historically accurate feelings during training and practice.
Also can be assembled on usual epee blade, which is much more flexible, light and cheap. Smallsword assembled on usuale epee blade can be recommended to any beginner or club item. Price of smallsword based on epee blade is only 65$, and also availabe in different lengths!!
And for Christmas holidays, hema Santa give you free shipping for all orders for 2 or more swords! If don’t hestitate – you can receive your sword exactly to christmas tree!!!