Martin Blanchard

I purchased a Duelists Rapier with a 105cm blade. I am exceedingly happy with the quality, price, service and advice I received. For the exceptional price I can not imagine a better product, allowing me to easily compete with my son’s larger heavier swept hilt rapier.

The service was spot on, advising me which product would suit my needs, postage was very quick and the quality of the blade particularly is exceptional. I am yet to determine whether the diamond profile blade would be permitted in local tournaments, but that was not why I wanted this rapier. The flex is great, weight is light creating a very fast blade. There is one spot where the welded components seem to create a slight bulge inside the cup, which applies pressure on one finger, but light gloves should eliminate any issues, and when I swap hands (to left hand) there is no issue. Overall this is a better rapier than many I considered at a significantly lower cost. I would definitely buy again