where to buy knife fighting equipment?

Where to buy knife fighting equipment?

Knife fighting in Ukraine rised as meeting of dozen people in park with wooden knife models. At that
time hardly anybody thought where to buy knife fighting equipment. Even less people worried about
quality of this equipment.
At this moment it is sport with dozens clubs in all country, comfortable gyms. At same time, methods
of preparing and training athletes are fastly developing. Today knife fighting competitions are
involved around 80 participants!
Next part for declaration knife fighting as official kind of sport, was foundation of Knife Fighting
Federation of Ukraine. Knife Fighting Federation of Ukraine. It is civic organization consolidated
people who involved and interested in developing knife fighting as kind of sport. There are different
ways of developing knife fight itself: sport, army, self-defense etc. At present time, one of most
important things is to provide for athletes special modern equipment.

HF-armory is official partner and supplier of Knife Fighting Federation of Ukraine. Together we make
everything possible to make sport knife fighting equipment comfortable and safe.
At our web-page www.hf-armory.com – You can take a look with different elements of protection for
knife fighting, the main from which are mask and gloves for knife fighting.

Also you can know about their specifications and properties. You can give questions or make
proposal about production of quality of any item or model. And, at last, order and buy knife
fighting equipment for new athletes and professionals.
We constantly work for quality of our equipment and add to our shop new, upgraded
models. So invite you to join us in social networks, to be aware of last news.
We in facebook – https://www.facebook.com/HFarmory/
We try to grow up and be better together with you!