HF ARMORY is a workshop of fencing weapons and equipment.

The first fencing weapon made by our craftsmen appeared in 1999. It was a souvenir gift weapon. High-quality, beautiful copies of a noble sword, Italian rapier or French saber, decorated with brass with hand engraving, were very popular at that time.

Over time, we increasingly received requests for weapons that could be fenced, not just admired. In close cooperation with manufacturers of sports fencing blades, our craftsmen began making sabers, swords, rapiers, and swords for historical fencing. Our blades have aroused the interest of practicing fencers around the world. We received orders from fencing clubs in Italy, Spain, the USA, England and many other countries where various types of historical fencing were actively developed. Over 20 years of work, our craftsmen have made thousands of blades, various types of fencing weapons. Thanks to close cooperation with fencers from different countries, in the process of completing many individual orders, we were able to create our own production technology and improve the quality of blades. And today, carrying out individual orders, we carefully study and apply the best and most interesting that our customers offer, thereby constantly improving the weapons that we produce.

But not only weapons for historical fencing we attracted the attention of modern knights. Everyone who picks up the blade needs protection from the blade. At our HEMA equipment warehouse you can pick up a mask, HEMA gloves, body protection, a cover for fencing weapons and other equipment necessary for historical fencing.

We are also pleased to welcome representatives of knife fighting on our website. High-quality equipment for sports knife fight is already waiting for you in our warehouse!

Our advantages


A qualified team of professionals.
Over 20 years of experience in the production of fencing weapons.
Delivery to anywhere in the world convenient for you.
Individual approach. Special conditions.

Our production

Advantages of HF ARMORY products

Own production
Possibility of manufacturing goods according to customer drawings
Availability of goods in stock
The presence of an IVF line for beginners
PRO range for advanced

The life of our company

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