Renaissance rapier blade

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Артикул: BL-012

Renaissance rapier blade


Renaissance rapier blade – sport stylization of the early rapier blade for hema fencing trainings and competitions and historical reenactment or stage fighting.

The blade is diamond-shaped, optimized for thrust. However, unlike the later triangular rapier blades, it is very comfortable for cuts also. Blade is flexible for thrusts and safe in swordplay. High carbon steel 60s2a, tempered to 51-53 HRC. At the tip, there is steel poundare, for safety.

Renaissance rapier blade is perfect choice for stage fighting, reeenactment or rapier hema fencing.

Blade is available in different sizes of length and thickness. For specification of characteristics please feel free to contact our managers.

Length of blade – 1050 mm
Width at base – 22 mm
Shape – diamond
Material – high carbon steel 60S2A tempered to 51-53 HRC
Mounting configuration – M6 screw