Training mask for HEMA fencing or knight fighting.

Training mask for HEMA fencing or knight fighting.

Training mask for HEMA fencing or knight fighting. What special aspects have to be in training mask for HEMA fencing and knife fighting

Today we will speak about Training mask for HEMA fencing or knight fighting. Training or club mask for weapon martial arts have to be quite universal thing.

World of fencing martial arts is very multifarious, and there are good and bad sides. From one side – you can choose any kind of weapon and do fencing. Rubber knife model, plastic pollaxe, soft sword or steel rapier. Just take sword and do fencing! From other side – it is difficult to make protection gear ideal for all kinds of all these kinds of fencing. It is unprofitable to make produce on the line without big market.

So there are at least two ways:

1) Make handmade protection gear. It will be highcost, cause handmade stuff can’t be cheap. Time of production can be very long, and quality is dependent on skill of maker.
2) Choose model which will be equally comfortable for everybody. Not ideally of course, but at least usable. This thing is very good as club or new members stuff, who can in future choose more highquality items according to own tastes.

So, let’s take a look to main part of protection gear – head protection, which is necessary almost in all. According to our opinion, Training mask for HEMA fencing and knife fighting have to offer such properties:

1) Negotiable price. Club and entry level items have to be simple and cheap. If person is seriously involved in some kind of fencing, he will buy highquality mask or helmet during time. According to our opinion, simple training mask mustn’t cost more than 60 euro. Also it have to be on stock. It is very uncomfortable to wait it by monthes.

2) Black colour of inner padding and byb. Why? Because it gets less dirty.

3) Removable inner padding. It is very important to have an opportunity to take out inner padding and wash it after training. Especially if it is club mask. Guard your health and don’t disregard hygiene.

4) At least 1000N level of protection. Even if you do fencing with plastic or wood weapon, without danger to pierce through and damage body or head, at reinforced mask there is more solid mesh which stands better against heavy models of weapon.

5) Rubber strap at forehead. Some weapons are quite heavy and if you get strong blows to head, mask can touch face and break your nose or teeth. We recommend to buy mask with rubber forehead strap to prevent such cases.

So here are some properties which, as we think have to be in good training mask.
Training mask HF-Armory offer all these properties so we feel free to recommend it as good mask for HEMA fencing, stage fighting and knife fighting.

Hope this article would be useful for you!
Choose your mask, do fencing and have a fun!