Very satisfied. The black knight gloves fit perfectly.
Mask protector is fantastic also
Very happy with the feel of the feder and arming sword

Tampere School of Arms

Box of goodies arrived from Historical Fencing Armory. We have been working at sensible, technical & controlled sparring for over a year now to build a strong foundation. Now we will be stepping the pace a level up for some. Work work!

Клуб Восток


Давеча приобрел легкий чехол для макетов исторического оружия, очень доволен. Свободно помещаются две рапиры и две даги. Носится удобно. До этого брал большой кофр, тоже никаких нареканий за два года.

Ivan Farafonov


Great store! The staff is great. Always go out of their way to meet the customer’s wishes. Special thanks to Grigorii for his masterful individual approach!

Yulia Smoilovska


Отличный магазин и сервис. Недавно купила новую рапиру, легкая и с хорошим баллансом. Рекомендую

Sebastian Cioconea


Great service and great products at great prices.

Валерій Свереда


Оперативное обслуживание, быстрая доставка, качественный товар!!! 🔥 Для нас, как театрального коллектива – это отличное соотношение цены/качества.
Historical Fencing Armory – чудесное подспорье для развития будущих актеров (и не только)!!!

Volodya Kovalenko


Настоящая находка для любителей сразиться на длинном или коротком клинке!
Превосходная экипировка по доступной цене. Взял уже три маски для ножевого боя, на очереди очень стильная защита груди – “черный рыцарь”.
Очень советую к сотрудничеству, приятно взаимодействовать с настоящими джентльменами.)

Matthew Huller


I purchased a dagger in early January and had it in my hands well before the end on the month despite the current situation, very fast cross Atlantic shipping. Customer service was great, and I was never left waiting for very long for a response. The item itself I haven’t had a chance to fence with yet, but balances well and fits in my large hands. It looks good and doesn’t have a single blemish or anything like that. It is not totally rigid and the last 1/3rd or 1/4th of the blade flexes somewhat, which is perfect for a parrying dagger, flexes enough to be safe if it accidentally ends up jabbing into someone in sparring but still stiff to be effective in parrying. There is also a flared tip, which is the standard option and happens to be my preferred style. (a note: swords w/ flared tips always appear to be not straight, line it up with a straight angle and you can check, I did, and the blade is totally straight on this dagger.) It was packaged well and it survived customs admirably. The price gives you great value. If you want a dagger for HEMA than I thoroughly recommend you consider Historical Fencing Armory.

Nicolò Gamba


Ho comprato diversi articoli da loro e mi sono trovato sempre bene. Ho il loro copri maschera da 3 anni e secondo la mia personale esperienza é il migliore in circolazione; protegge molto bene la la maschera, la nuca é protetta con placche rigide e, cosa che non ho trovato in nessun altro coprimaschera, la protezione per la gola é vermanete eccellente essendo rigida; con gli upgrade fatti si conferma il migliore per il rapporto qualità/prezzo. Le maschere che offrono hanno l’imbottitura rimovibile per poter avere una migliore igienizzazione delle stesse. Per quanto riguarda le strisce sono fatte in maniera industriale e quindi le saldature non sono “pulite” ma, sia per il prezzo e sia per il fatto che non siano vere e proprie riproduzioni ma attrezzi sportivi, sono delle ottime armi. Ho acquistato anche i guanti per striscia imbottiti e li utilizzo sia per fare scherma sportiva che per scherna artistica dato che forniscono una buona protezione alle mani. Grigoriy é molto disponibile, avendo anche uno store di attrezzatura per la scherma olimpica, chiamato Dynamo Fencing, può inviare tutto l’occorrente per fare qualsiasi tipo di scherma che volete. Ci vediamo al prossimo ordine 😉

Dmytro Kopylov

New Zealand

Our go-to supplier of HEMA goods, highly recommended. Good range of steel trainers and protective equipment.

Игор Пушкарьов


Протягом декількох років купую тут маски та спорядження для ножового бою. Гарний вибір, кваліфікована допомога та консультації та миттєва доставка . Однозначно рекомендую!

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