HEMA Mask Tournament 1600N

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Артикул: PR-002

Tournament HEMA mask HF-Armory. Protection of head for historical fencing and knife fighting training and
It is certified by FIE for 1600N protection and approved to all knife fighting competitions.

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HEMA Mask Tournament 1600N

Tournament hema mask HF-Armpry is solid and durable mask for HEMA fencing. It is certified by FIE and resists 1600N on thrust. It also has a strong mesh and durable collar. The inner tab is removable so that it can be washed after practice or competition.

HEMA Mask Tournament 1600N also has a usable black color and a rubber strap on the forehead to protect your face even from the heaviest of strikes.

It’s allowed to be used on any HEMA fencing* competitions and provides a sufficient level of protection for usage in other types of armored combat.

*Draw your attention to the fact, that most of the HEMA fencing competitions require the protection of the back of your head. We recommend you to buy a fencing mask protector for the backhead and collarbone protection along with the mask.

Colour -Black
Inner – Remouvable
Protection level – CE Level 2