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Болонский меч – оружие бывшее популярным в северной Италии ( не только в Болонье), в 16-17 веках. Это следующий этап развития одноручного меча, когда меч носится не только на войне но и в повседневной жизни, как элемент костюма и оружие самообороны.


Side-sword is a weapon, which was popular in northern Italy ( not only in Bologna ), in the XVI-XVII centuries. This is next stage of arming sword evolution, when sword is used not only during war, but also in peace time, as self-defence weapon and part of dress

Special features of side-sword are:
•Very short handle, the weapon is being held by the overguard, It’s difficult to take the sword with a usual grip.
• Quite big and heavy pommel for better balance.
• Complicated hilt with rings for finger protection at overguard grip. But at the same time «cup» type hilts usual for the Spanish rapiers wasn’t used in side swords.
•Quite short blade comfortable for both thrusts and strikes.
• Quite small weight.
Light version of a bolognese side-sword made by HFarmory is a modern stylization of the medieval bolognese side-sword for historical fencing practice and tournaments.

It is maximally optimized for the rules of most historical HEMA fencing tournaments.

Blade material – 60s2a high-carbon spring-spring steel hardened up to 51-53 HRC
Diamond -shape blade with a safe tip. Flexible in the last third.
Length – 110 cm
Blade length – 95 cm.
Handle length – 15 cm.
Weight – 930 g