Club Rapier GDF

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Артикул: WP-022

Club Rapier GDF – stylization of early models of rapiers for hema fencing. Rapier have solid “Spanish” cup for protection of hand, light, well-balanced, solid and safe Renaissance Rapier blade, diamond shape, which is comfortable for thrusts but still gives and opportunity for cuts. Best choice for rapier fencing competitions and practice in hema/sca if you don’t use musketeer’s blades

181.67 $

Club Rapier GDF. Rapier is a common name for number of different types of medieval swords in XV-XVII. Actually, rapier is sword with a long, narrow blade and a basket or cup hilt for protection of hand. Early rapiers are, actually, longswords with the well protected hilt. In course of time the construction of rapiers became lighter and the blades became, lighter and shorter. Late examples of rapiers aren’t adapted for cuts strikes and are very similar to smallswords.

Even earlier rapiers are more adapted to thrusts than for cutting and cuts because of longer blade and the construction of the handle, compared to sidesword.

In modern HEMA tournament fencing, rapiers are used in two nominations – solo rapiers without weapon in the second hand. And rapier-dagger: when a dagger with an additional protection of the hand is taken in the second hand. Sometimes the nomination rapier-buckler is occurred, but buckler is more often used with the side-sword.

Cub Rapier GDF- is optimal training/tournament rapier for HEMA/SCA trainings and competitions developed with ukrainian HEMA club GDF. It is light, affordable, have good protection of hand and safe well-balanced solid blade, which can be easy replaced when it is broken.

Material of the blade – 60s2a high-carbon spring-spring steel hardened up to 51-53 units
Diamond style blade with a safe tip. Flexible in the last third.
Length – 124 cm
Length of the blade – 105/110 cm
Weight – 940/1050g